Norman Bean

Central Texas

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About the Artist:
The inspiration for my recent drawings comes from my travels in Italy. It has become a passion. I had never thought of creating fine art drawings, or of touring Italy, until my wife Diane told me I was going with her to study art in Italy. Our first tour was with the Texas State University Study Abroad Program. Diane and I have now been to Italy three times, touring Rome, Florence, Pisa, Tuscany and Venice. In Italy, because of its history and magic, there is always abundant subject material.

Artist Statement:

Graphite on paper is all about the values. Some artists view drawing as a quick depository of visual ideas, or a preliminary step in the creation of a larger or more complicated work. I have elected to create graphite on paper drawings as complete works of fine art, exploring the relationships between bright and dark, light and shadow, detail and distance.
My process is to create an image that is everything a photo is not: Purposefully creating depth and detail from the play of contrasts of absorbed and reflected light, exploring surface textures and reflectivity, embedding shadows with subtle images and details, and playing perspectives against unusual points of view.
Kandinsky might have said that I've created an imitation third dimension and faked the perspective.
Yes, my objective representational art is created with graphite pencils on flat 18 x 24 inch paper.

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