Artist Profile

About the Artist:
I stepped out of the shade of my highly successful bronze sculpting mother 3 years ago to be an artist in my own right. My mother and husband have been thrusting art supplies into my hands for years and pastels finally took! I revel in the texture that the medium provides enjoying the subtleties and boldness that such a shy medium can give you.

Artist Statement:
If someone walks up and puts their nose inches away from one of my paintings, I smile. Someone going by, catches a glimpse, is visually grabbed by what I have painted and physically stops; I am awed and humbled. When I stop and stare at something that someone painted, even if I can be honest and say “I don’t like that”; I feel like that is a good artist. That piece has caught me for a moment, pulled me off of my current path and made me stand still. Art like that is a success and it is a powerful feeling to either have created it or experienced it.

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