Steve Murphy

Columbus, OH

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About the Artist:
Born in Columbus, OH, Steve Murphy has been an artist for more than 20 years. While in high school, he worked at a local grocery store part-time and as a window artist, painting themed murals for holidays and special events. It was at this time that Steve realized he wanted to pursue art as a career. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Columbus College of Art & Design.  After solidifying the principles of design, he began focusing his direction on his love for Art Deco, Googie architecture, and vintage neon signage. Steve honed his skill at realism through drawing and painting.
Although he still practices traditional media, his latest work has evolved into crafting mixed media pieces consisting of digital photography, rusted steel, and various other materials. His subject matter comes from various parts of the country ranging from small town America to large metropolitan areas.

Steve’s art has been shown throughout Columbus and its surrounding areas and can be found in several private collections. His work has been featured on the covers of nationally published novels as well as online magazine publications, The Columbus Dispatch, and The Newark Advocate.  Aside from working on personal and commissioned pieces, Steve is a certified fine art instructor for Grumbacher Inc. where he provides painting instruction to both children and adults. In October 2012, he was also hired as an art instructor for Young Rembrandts, an after school art program teaching drawing instruction to K-6 students. In addition to his art, Steve has enjoyed playing the piano/keyboards for over thirty years. He resides in Columbus with his beautiful daughter, Chloe.

Artist Statement:
My current work embodies the imagery of signage iconography of years gone by. The mixed media prints are comprised of crude materials, such as chain, wood, and rusted steel, to emulate the feeling of these symbols of previous eras. My goal is to expose the beauty in the remnants of these signs and preserve their spirited past and their current condition. This imagery could possibly be the last documentation that glorifies these antiquated structures as they continue to deteriorate.

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