Robbie Nuwanda

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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Artist Profile

About the Artist:
Robbie Nuwanda is a self taught artist. His journey into painting began as an enjoyable pastime during a period in which he was caring for ill relative. When he returned to painting after gaining a philosophy degree at university he had the appreciation and mentality of looking at things in more depth. It was a time of growth both conceptually and perceptually that helped take his painting to another level. Since then he has spent time in rural Spain refining his skills and becoming more prolific in his technique and general production. He has sold a number of paintings internationally to multiple continents and has been accepted into art exhibitions and events in Paris, Barcelona, New York, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. He has also progressed into doing a steady stream of commissioned paintings as the word of his art has spread. As well as teaching classes.

Artist Statement:
I am inspired to paint by a compassionate uprising to express something beautiful or tragic in a world that has so many precious insular moments and so many reasons to empathetic. This informs my style as I often use smaller brushes to touch the whole canvas with a certain consideration and detail. This is why my art has certain pointillistic elements that my audience often close up don't see the image from the smaller and less clear brushwork, but standing back often say the word 'wow'.

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