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About the Artist:
'Artist Extraordinaire'

I am an optimist that thrives on challenges, leads by example, and I readily adapt to any situation. I have a panache for the fine arts in photography and painting. I also have experience as an art director at festivals and in teaching art in the school system. I have been drawing since I was 2 years old and painting throughout the years since I was 15. I am a visual artist with a background in decorative art, fine art and jewelry design. Currently I am a fine art instructor for Grumbacher and an Authorized Max Grumbacher Gallery Artist.

I love the arts and painting is my passion. I hope you enjoy viewing my art as much as I enjoy creating it!
My motto: "The most successful people tend to be true artists and they do not live their life in the shadow of people's fears. Create your life the way you want it to be. May peace and prosperity grace your day" :-)

Artist Statement:
Creating images from imagination is what keeps life going. Paintings puts mankind at peace with the world. Whatever the subject matter or medium might be most people are at peace because they are creating through art. The message of my art is to love one another and become nonjudgmental while enjoying the beauty that life has to offer. We don't have to hurt one another and destroy the planet to enjoy these things. So put the ego in "check"! I list the message of my art under a single category called, "The Awakening". The goal of my art is to get the world to embrace love, peace, and happiness. Love the time we have on earth while travelling life's journey and enjoy the beauty of it all through fine art.

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