June Musick

Lubbock Texas

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Artist Profile

About the Artist:
Iredell High School 1976
ICS Master Arts Course 1991
Western Nevada Community Collage 1998-2000
Institute of Children’s Literature 2008-2010
Residencies, Workshops, & Other Experience
Talent on Display Class Room Instructor 1996
Co-founded Muralists of Yerington Proceeds to scholarship a Student 1997
Barstow California with Claudia Nice- Pen and ink
Yerington Nevada Virginia Disbrow -oils
Yerington Nevada George Lamatte –acrylics
Yerington Nevada Eunice Damron Peretta –watercolor –clay
HR Interview Planning and Review and Evaluations and Job Placement-
I-9 EEO, ADA, AA, D&A Testing 2001-2006
Safety Orientations and Job specifics for OSHA and MSHA
Outreach Programs /Project Incentives
Instructed NCCEO Basic Safety and Blueprint Reading
Chairman for the Lyon County Fair Fine Arts Exhibit 1998- 2005
Western Nevada Community Art Instructor 2006
Texas : Certified for Grumbacher Instructor 2010-Now
Louise Hopkins Center of the Arts Instructor 2010-Now

WNC Carson City Nevada Art Show 2007
Country Insurance Building 2007
Lyon County Court House 2007
Dental Office of Dayton Nevada 2007
Smith Valley Library 2007
Dental Office of Yerington 2006
South Lyon Medical Long Term Care Facility 2006

Artist Statement:
Truly some of the greatest sensory I know is the visual arts. I am fearless about art.
I want that sensory feedback of coffee if you see a cup. I want you to close your eyes and Hmmmmmmm!
Art has been with me throughout my life and I am forever learning and trying new techniques and Medias.
It's my passion, my pastime and my synergy and peace. Some call me a searcher always looking for subject to paint others call me talented. I call me “Painter” Holding a brush moving paint around on any support in any medium I AM.
Being and autodidact, your motivation to learn is different. Self –taught … You experiment more than most. You constantly change your thinking or techniques. You’re constantly working to get out of your head that certain "look".
You just pick up the paint and canvas and begin a journey of reckless abandon. So my artwork is my artwork Very Eclectic …sometimes a bit strange or just like a photo or a dream of something better. The “look" can be anything… on anything… of anything… in anything at least you will know when you view my work know this... there is passion for the paint.

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