Carlos Herrera

Vista, California USA.

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Artist Profile

About the Artist:
Carlos Herrera (b. 1957) acquired a strong foundational education in art in El Salvador while attending atelier methods under Camilo Minero and Violeta Bonilla. While the study of the German classic painting style of the Düsseldorf school gave him a strong foundation in the execution of landscape art, his artistic interests and work extends into the impressionistic style.

Besides working for a few years as technical adviser in the Art Department of a large publishing company in New York City, his art education in the US has continued with independent and occasional Atelier studies in advanced color theory, classical representational art, and pictorial styles in oil painting, watercolor, and gouache. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of his love for beauty and order which pays homage to the Classical Tradition while retaining a contemporary approach in its craftsmanship.

Carlos’ paintings continue to be acquired by discriminating private art collectors throughout the United States and abroad.

Artist Statement:
My work is a constant quest to transcend technique and style into the real of the spiritual experience in contemplation of serene and sublime beauty. If I can capture and share this experience with the viewer then my purpose has been fulfilled.

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