Lorna Harris

Spokane, WA

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About the Artist:
Art is my passion, my life, my drive. Sometimes, when the world seems to pull at you from all different directions, it is art that helps you bring it all together in one.
I have been drawing, painting, and all sorts of other things since I was a child and have grown to love it more and more as the years go on. As I've gotten older, though, my Epilepsy has gotten worse and I feel that art is what helps me keep the stress levels down.
I just recently became certified through Grumbacher to teach and have had the privilege of teaching a few classes thus far and am in love with it. While I hone in on my teaching skills and my artistic ability, I hope the world will follow along and learn much. Just as I hope to provide a wonderful learning experience to those who join me.

Artist Statement:
Overall, I draw inspiration from my various life experiences and gain inspiration from the stories of the lives of those around me. I dream of creating a statement, whether it be something as simple as the generation of a specific feeling or to motivate the viewer to take action. Not only that, but to just make others happy.

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