Sharon S. Ross, KY Artist

Lexington, Kentucky

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Artist Profile

About the Artist:
BA Art Eastern Kentucky University
Member Plein Aire Painters of the Bluegrass
Member Osher Life Long Learning at the University of Kentucky
Certified Grumbacher Acrylics Instructor

Artist Statement:
After earning a BA in Art from Eastern Kentucky University in the early 70’s, my life and career choices surrounded me with creativity, but left me with little time to produce art. Over the past three years, I have again become a student of art. I am working to develop my aesthetic skills, to learn techniques and to expand my knowledge of art. I am looking, thinking, reading and talking about art, studying with local artists, taking on-line courses and finally, producing some art.

My current portfolio reflects my study and learning experiences and includes a range of still life studies, landscapes, pet portraits and some interpretations of the work of the great masters. As I return to my art after some time away, there is an urgency to catch up creatively and an acknowledgement of how much more I have to learn before I get good at it. While I hope to achieve acceptance and recognition as an artist, my motivation for making art is centered in personal growth and the joy of becoming more visually and aesthetically literate.

Living in western New York for more than 25 years, I was immersed in the history of the Arts & Crafts movement and am inspired by Elbert Hubbert’s declaration that Art is not a thing, it is a way. I am still finding my way along an artistic path of life-long learning that is satisfying, self-aware and that will lead me to making more and better art.

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