JP Denyer

Ventura, CA

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About the Artist:
I'm still tall, and have now been teaching through the Grumbacher/Michael's program two years (it's July 2017). I discovered how much I truly enjoy painting and teaching. Been living an artistic life since 2 years old, however my career was more of a responsible journey instead of pursuing this gifted talent I possess. I concentrated on Creative Graphic Design. I #Love2Paint

Building the bridge to paint more and Graphic Design less, it is my new two year business plan. Also buildig the path to paint more of my creations as I believe I am much closer to understanding the medium acrylic, one I never thought of using, ever, however now I cannot live without.

Artist Statement:
Painting is about the feeling of the power of joy, happiness and the freedom to see the world as a picture. Drawing is a path where time passes without the weight of it passing.

I feel exceptionally fortunate to see the world as I do and share this with others who want to explore this brave new world. Art is happiness. It is fun. It is my perpetual hope to always be painting, exploring and sharing this joy forever.

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